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Make Me an Offer!

There are two ways to initiate an offer from Texas Royalty for your mineral or royalty interest. 


  • The quickest way to receive an offer is to complete and submit our Offer Request Form. Texas Royalty Corp will contact you to review your submission. The information you provide on the Offer Request Form will get us started, but we may request additional documentation. For example, if you have producing royalty interest, we will require copies of your last four month’s revenue check stubs.


  • If you don’t have detailed information readily available, contact us anyway and we’ll walk you through the process. You can reach us by phone at 512-306-1717 or by email


Remember, requesting an offer is not an obligation to sell. However, if you decide to sell your mineral or royalty interest to Texas Royalty, we will handle all the details: from preparing the deeds to filing them for record in the county courthouse. 


We thank you for the opportunity to assist you with your mineral and/or royalty interest sale.


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