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Production and Operations

Texas Royalty has producing wells in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and California with the majority of our production coming from the East Texas Basin.  Prior to 1994, virtually all of our efforts were concentrated on company-operated prospects.


Since 1994, we have partnered as a non-operator with select companies who have regional operating expertise, developing a number of prospects and new fields outside of our primary area of focus.  While Texas Royalty prefers to operate our own wells, we continue to take a non-operated interest in numerous wells each year.


When we operate a well, Texas Royalty is responsible for all aspects of the field operations on the well. We first plan the drilling phase and then move on to the completion and operation of the well(s). We are responsible for all governmental filings with the Texas Railroad Commission (RRC) and the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ). We also report monthly production of oil and gas to the RRC which can be found when updated on their website.


If the well is productive, as operator we handle:

  • Billing working interest owners

  • Paying royalty and working interest owners

  • Legal matters

  • Contract negotiations

  • Gauging and metering of product sales

  • Equipment selection and purchase

  • Payment of ad valorem and production taxes

  • Preparing and filing of regulatory agency reports


When it is time to plug and abandon (P&A) a well, TRC works with the RRC to be sure the plugging complies with all the strict rules and regulations they require.


Texas Royalty also acquires producing properties, particularly in our core operating areas.  We have been successful in improving payback to investors and royalty owners by reworking wells, reducing administrative overhead and operating costs.  We have often been able to increase the value of the producing asset through more efficient employment of oil field personnel, streamlined maintenance, better utilization of surface equipment, replacement of down hole equipment and, sometimes, simply better field monitoring and management.


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