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Why Sell Your Minerals?

Following are some of the more common reasons why people sell their oil and gas properties:
Elimination of Paperwork


Selling oil and gas properties can help eliminate the necessary maintenance of depletion schedules and property tax records.  In addition, selling simplifies a federal income tax return.

Cash Flow Needs


Rather than waiting for monthly, quarterly, or annual checks to arrive, selling provides a lump sum cash-out opportunity.


Elimination of Trusts, Estates and Partnerships


Selling properties held in a trust or estate helps eliminate associated expenses as well as the need to maintain separate bank accounts.  It also allows for the elimination of monthly distributions and their associated tracking, and simplifies tax returns.



As minerals and royalties are handed down through various generations, they become increasingly fragmented.  Because of this, the economic benefit to each generation declines exponentially.  They also become more expensive and complicated to manage and pass down.

Why Sell To Texas Royalty Corp at This Time?


  • Lock in Current Tax Rates: Increases in ordinary income and long term capital gains will decrease the value of your royalties and overrides

  • Rigs leaving conventional areas are negatively affecting the value of these assets - decline is greater without new drilling

  • Use proceeds for your next opportunity and estate planning


To request an offer on your mineral or royalty interest, please click on the “Make Me an Offer!” button above.

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